Working with your coach, we offer the following:

  • - Analyzing athlete & team performance
  • - Skill development plans
  • - Effective practicing
  • - Defining roles & responsibilities
  • - Building effective teams
  • - Strategic planning for training & competition
  • - Auditing performance
  • - Detailing & managing the training plan

Specific services offered by Academy of Curling:

  • - Access to certified coaching expertise
  • - Technical skill development
  • - Off-ice fitness programs
  • - Advanced strategy & tactics
  • - Access to sports psychologys
  • - Training & consulting in team dynamics
  • - Video analysis for technical improvement
  • - Clinics & seminars
  • - Private individual & team sessions

Coach Mentor Program

This program enables coaches to access information, ideas and strategies from a mentor in a non-threatening environment. A designated mentor will work directly with a team’s coach to address specific needs & team goals.
Mentoring is delivered through one or more of the following methods:

  • - Game observation
  • - Video analysis
  • - Practice sessions
  • - One-on-one consultations
  • - Assistance behind the glass

The Coach Mentor Program provides assistance for coaches. The coach determines what will work best. For instance, some coaches prefer the mentor to be “invisible” and provide a quieter helping hand while other coaches choose to have the mentor be very active and included with the team.

Pricing & Levels of Service

All coaching programs are tailored to suit your needs. One of the most popular consulting plans is based on a sign-on fee followed by a monthly payment. Regular advice and feedback is provided. We work with you to establish what suits you best. We know that at times you will want more frequent contact and other times less. We set pricing based upon your team’s needs.

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Annual goal and training plans, monthly reviews, limited phone/email contact.

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Game and practice analysis, advanced guidance to strategy + tactics, periodic goal/target review, occasional contact.

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Regular contact and meetings, game and practice analysis, advanced guidance to strategy + tactics, constant goal/target review.

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